Other Serveris Services

Besides dedicated servers we have other services, some of them work as add-on services for servers, others are offered as SAAS and some more we have developed over time. We invite you to know them.

Data Center Services

Collocate your own hardware in our Tier IV Data Center with ultra-redundant infrastructure to achieve the maximum availability for your systems

Managed Colocation Managed Servers

Cloud Security Assesment

Managed Data Center Backup Consultancy and Advice


It’s a Dropbox like service that automatically syncs your files in the cloud so you can use them from any device.

Share your files with your team and outsiders as you want:

Easy to use Cheaper than competition Historic versions of the same file

Visit Owncloud.mx (Spanish) for more info

Register your Domain

Your domain is your business Internet name.

Get your domain registration with Serveris, we sell all types of domains like .com, the usual Mexico domains like .com.mx or .mx to the newest tld’s like .bar or .ninja

Register your domain at Serveris.mx (Spanish)

Cloud Hosting

It’s a complementary service for our Dedicated Servers for customerswho may need web hosting space outside their server.

Visit Serveris.mx for more info (Spanish)