Dedicated Server

Secure, fast and reliable
That’s the best description of Serveris’s Smart Dedicated Servers. Get the highest availability and performance for your applications and software. Our Tier IV Data Center technology provides the most complete service at accessible prices for a dedicated server in Mexico.

What’s a Smart Dedicated Server?

Host your systems and apps at one of Serveris’s Smart Dedicated Servers in a World-Class, fail-proof Data Center.
We have created a unique service mixing the benefits of Cloud technology with the advantages of dedicated servers using top-notch technology to deliver the best service.
Take your business to the next level with Serveris and your own Smart Dedicated Server that’s up to 64 times more powerful than any Cloud server, for about the same price and with higher performance and lots of storage.

Fail-proof, flexible and without restrictions

We don’t give you a server piece, we deliver the whole server exclusively for you with a symmetric connection of at least 100Mbps. Sharing resources ensures better performance and avoids third-party problems. Our servers are protected by our Smart Cloud Backup system and technology to easily migrate your system between other Serveris servers. We include a control panel to manage the server effortlessly; you’ll get access to our customer portal to restart your server, manage domains/DNS and even access the operating system bios.

Personalized expert support

Do you have any issue with your server? Our priority is having your dedicated server working at 100%.
We monitor all of our systems 24x7x365 and our expert, friendly team helps you when required.
Our more than 24 years of experience makes the difference.

Why a Serveris dedicated server?

Unlike most suppliers in Mexico, Serveris is not reselling third-party servers. We offer Internet speeds starting at 100Mbps for each dedicated server and have multiple 10GE links that allow us to provide a redundant fast connection. This results in fast performance that you can notice immediately when connecting to our servers, and avoids a network bottleneck which is common in other Data Center service providers in Mexico that offer top servers with 10Mbps or smaller connections
(similar to having a super sports car running into a quagmire).

Our service is real dedicated hosting; you don’t share your CPU, memory, hard drive or bandwidth with others, which results in superior performance to any virtual server. Our prices are better than those of most virtual or private servers. We provide continuity to your operations so that you can focus on what you do best: your business.