Managed Dedicated Servers

All of our servers are Managed Dedicated Servers; that way, our Tech Team is always available to attend to your needs so that you can have peace of mind and forget about your server.

Standard Administration

Is offered without additional cost as part of all of our dedicated servers and includes:

Answers to any question regarding your Dedicated Server control panel.

Every-day, year-round, 24-hour server and network monitoring with preventive action and responsive fixing if needed

Tech support to resolve issues with configuration or server functioning. This type of tech support is provided without limitations during the first month of service once the server has been activated. After that, we provide 30 minutes of tech support labor each month for free; the tech support labor minutes expire once the month is over and you cannot carry them over to the next month. Additional tech support labor time is offered at $400MN (Four hundred pesos 00/100MN), plus taxes for each 30 minutes. Total time will be charged to your account and you have seven days to pay for it.

Resetting of the server upon your request.

Full management of the network connected to the server, including changes to the ports or router configuration when possible.

Full restoration of your entire server from our Cloud Backup System, leaving it as it was during the last restoration point. We can do this without cost two times in the first month of service and one time each month after that. If you require additional restoration, there’s a charge of $800 (Eight hundred pesos 00/100M.N.) plus taxes.

Replacement of any failing hardware; if there are no spare parts available, we’ll change the entire server with similar or better hardware.

Full Administration

This service has an additional cost, which you can see when you buy your server. It includes everything in the Standard Administration package, plus the following services:

Performance of tasks in the server root or Administrator control panel for you.

Creation of hosting accounts in the server.

Tech Support to resolve configuration issues or server functioning without a time limit.

Installation of additional software once you have provided the paid license for it (if applicable).

Upon customer request, installation of server updates and security patches.