Included Services in your Dedicated Server

At Serveris, we provide the most complete service. Our servers include useful features and services; you’ll find no useless freebies here.

Serveris Smart Technology

Forget about server migrations and re-installing software, resetting your system, copying all files, installing updates, etc. If you need to move to another dedicated server with Serveris Smart Technology, your whole system is moved without your having to reinstall or copy anything.

Serveris Cloud Backup

Your server is automatically backed up, creating an image of the whole system that can be used in case of disaster to fully recover your server in a bare metal restore process that avoids formatting, resetting or configuring apps. Historic copies of each file are stored to recover a single file or a complete directory if needed. Up to 100GB storage for backup is included at no cost.

Data Center Tier IV

Our Data Center provides the greatest availability that exists today with 99.9999% availability guaranteed by our service SLA, so you can be sure you’ll get the best service.

100Mbps Connection

All our servers are connected to the Cloud with an Internet Enterprise connection of at least 100Mbps. That way you can connect to your server as if it were in your local area network. Do you need a faster connection? No worries; we can grow it up to 10GE.


We have strong security measures with security armed guards on duty 24×7, multiple biometric controlled physical access points, video surveillance and alarm system with external monitoring and a response time under 3 minutes from the local authorities.

First-Class Customer Care

Our servers are managed. We are here to resolve any issue you have with your server operating system and to ensure the server’s proper functioning.

Real Performance (Not Virtual)

Why should you be happy with only a piece of a server and sharing all its resources? We give you a whole server exclusively for your business so that you can get maximum performance and speed in all your apps and programs.

cPanel or Plesk Control Panels

We make your life easier with the best control panels for your servers; you can choose cPanel or Plesk for free.

Immediate Activation

Usually, a server’s access credentials are sent instantly, though in some cases no more than 24 hours after payment is received.

Monitoring 24x7x365

We constantly monitor your server and we take action in case something goes wrong without your having to wait until you report a problem.